Transmission Service and Repair

Your vehicle’s transmission is a crucial part of driving performance and safety. Choosing a service center for transmission service can be nerve racking. We understand. We are a family owned and operated automotive repair center providing honest and ethical vehicle service. When it comes time for transmission service, bring your vehicle to our ASE Certified mechanics. We’ll take good care of you and your vehicle.

When is a Transmission Inspection Warranted?

When your vehicle is not shifting gears or staying in gear becomes troublesome, or while in gear the engine revs without matching power to the wheels – commonly on hills or under load – you should bring your car/truck in for a transmission inspection. Not all of these symptoms are an indication that significant transmission repairs are required. Keep in mind that transmissions are electronic computer controlled. Engine related sensors could also cause transmission to malfunction as well as shifting solenoids and pressure switch. Let us have a look, and we’ll let you know.

Transmission Maintenance

No matter what type of vehicle you drive, preventative maintenance is an important part of caring for your transmission system. Periodic transmission fluid changes can prevent unnecessary transmission wear and the onset transmission performance problems. Accurate Automotive offers different transmission service options: Drain and fill transmission fluid. (4-5 quarts) Remove pan, drain and fill plus filter replacement. Complete fluid exchange plus filter replacement(Usually 12 plus quarts). Installing rebuilt or remanufactured transmission could be cost effective to replacing your vehicle. Our transmissions come with an 18 month 18,000 miles warranty or a 3 year 100,000 mile nationwide warranty on all parts and labor. Call us today