Factory Recommended Service and Maintenance

Accurate Automotive provides 30,000-60,000 and 90,000 miles preventative maintenance. The service is both a preventative maintenance and check up for your vehicle. Some of the items checked include but not limited to: inspecting fuel lines and hoses, brake fluid, brake hoses and lines, rear brake drums, parking brake, brake pads, calipers, rotors, exhaust system, engine and transmission mounts, suspension struts, shocks and alignment, power steering pump and rack, axle shaft and cv boots, upper and lower ball joints and control arms, belts, cooling system hoses and radiator and thermostat operation and so much more. We will replace necessary fluids and filters needed and spark plugs if necessary according to the manufacture. Some models are recommended by the manufacture to replace timing belt at 60k or 105k with valve adjustments and spark plugs. The factory recommended services are necessary to prevent premature failures to your vehicle. The hot and cold weather can affect your fluids and cause above average wear and tear to your car. “Do not put off the recommended service” An oil change and filter change is also a critical part of your vehicle’s engine maintenance. Friction and heat can diminish your engines performance in power, life, and gas mileage. Maintaining a consistent oil and filter change best ensures your vehicles life and performance. We provide reminders to assure your engine lubricating system is well cared for. Call us today