Brake Service and Repair

Accurate Automotive specializes in servicing your vehicle’s braking needs to assure safe and reliable driving no matter what your braking requirements. Different driving conditions can significantly vary the life of disc and drum brake components. Brake components and fluid levels should be inspected regularly to assure vehicles safety.

Brake Service, Brake Pads

There are a variety of brake pad materials to choose from. Organic, semi metallic and ceramic are the most common. As a rule, we have seen competitors “Lifetime” brake pads wearing out faster than premium pads offered at our location. “Lifetime” pads usually come with a one year warranty on labor. So don’t be fooled. Having to change your brake pads more often will cost you more money in the long run. At Accurate Automotive we recommend OEM, Genuine pads or what suits our customers..


Another part of the brake system is the rotor. They are a metal disc that when the pads are compressed against (via the caliper) stop the car. Rotors come from the factory in a certain thickness depending on the application. Once the rotor gets to a minimum, warping and premature pad wear will result. We will replace or re-surface disc brake rotors, replace worn brake pads, and replace faulty disc brake calipers as necessary. We will replace leaking brake lines, and assure your master cylinder system has the correct approved fluid and level. Maintaining your system requires changing the brake fluid biannually to remove moisture and contaminants from the system that could cause premature failure. Call us today